Hi there!

Thanks so much for dropping by.  I'm Waheeda.  Welcome to my tiny part of blog-ville.

I am a Muslimah, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister... now I've taken up the position of Blogger, too.

I live in Durban with my husband and son.  Durban is a vibrant city on the east coast of South Africa.  It's a beautiful place, the weather is almost always perfect and the beaches are spectacular.

For the purposes of privacy, on this blog I refer to my husband either as Hubby or N.  My son is usually Little Man, although I'm trying to think of another nickname.  I am afraid 'Little Man' brings on the realisation that he won't remain little for ever.

I teach English as a foreign language and I am currently completing my studies in Psychology.  In my free time, I usually crochet or do other creativities which I love to share on this blog.

Crochet has been my go-to stress-reliever for as long as I can remember.  My mother taught me the skill when I was about 10.  I remember walking home from school with a ball of No. 5 cotton in my left pocket (we used to wear a white dress uniform).  I would work long chains on my walk, stuff them in my right pocket, and then unravel the entire thing when I got home...  Only to do it again the next day.

I used to go to the library to borrow crochet pattern books.  The smaller projects always appealed to me: bookmarks, doilies...  Then, well into my teens and early 20s, crochet took a backseat... To be revived again during my pregnancy.  But I suffered with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and couldn't enjoy it much.  Now that my wrists are fine, I crochet more... but try never to over-do it for fear if triggering CTS again.

I've always known I wanted to blog.  This blog address has been existent since June 2007, but CrochetBTW was only born in March 2014.  In the past, the blog was just for me.  A place to document some poetry and thoughts.  But that didn't satisfy me much.  This does. So this it shall remain.

I do appreciate followers.  I'm not freaked out by them :-)  So please do follow... either by email or Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest.  Simply follow the links on the right.

Please don't feel shy to post a comment, and to share a post if you enjoyed it :-)

If there's anything you need to query or comment on, please do get in touch.  You can email me on crochetBTW@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you soon.


P.S.  I realise there aren't any pics on this page.  I promise to put some up as soon as I take some that are worthy of this page.