Saturday, 29 March 2014

Finding a 'Voice'

Hi there!

I come in peace :-)

So this 'blog thing' is still very new to me.  I've approached it the way I tend to approach all the other new things I'm interested in learning about - I've been Googling it!  That's technology for you.

I grew up in times when technology was limited to colour TVs and word processors on giant PCs.  I fondly remember, so many years back, the TV my grandfather had. It was 'state of the art' ... It had a remote control! 
We used (to fight) to take turns to sit on the furthest sofa remote in hand, flicking through the (grossly limited) channels while the remote's bulky CORD, connected to the TV, dangled in midair across the lounge!  Does anyone else remember this?
For more on the history of remotes, read this amusing article.
My brother and some of my students, all around 2 decades old, burst out laughing at the thought of it!  Although it proves my age, I feel proud to have grown up 'less privileged' than them ;-)
Well, anyway, from what I gathered on Google, a successful blog requires many things which this blog doesn't have yet... But the one I'd like to work on first is A Voice.  To do this, I've asked myself two questions:
- What is this blog about?
- What will be shared?
This is a hobby blog to share crafts, ideas and inspiration.  Crochet has been a big part of my life since my mother taught me the craft when I was about 10.  Thus, I will share some things crochet.
Also, my husband (N) and I have been dabbling in some DIY at home.  I'd love to share with you the benches we made using Pallets.  In another post, I promise.  And we're planning other fun DIYs which I'll surely let you know about.
I've also decided to learn Macramé (via Google, again) and I would LOVE to share my learnings with you!  I see a belt being made in the near future.
There's a theme emerging here.  Can you see it?  What's the common thread?  Creativity?  Art?  DIY?  Call it what you may, but that's what this blog will be about.
Till next time :-)
P.S. I realise I haven't actually SHARED anything creative today, besides my thoughts, which may or may not be deemed 'creative'.  I'll be posting a fun Share-post soon. Stay tuned :-)

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