Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Eccentric Bow Tie

Hello again!

I come in peace :-)

A few weeks ago we were invited to a wedding.  I love being invited to weddings, don't you?  As exciting as it was, I admit Little Man was more excited than me!  You see, sometimes he's not included in the invitation and that makes him really sad :'(

However, he WAS invited so we will focus on happier thoughts... like Dressing Up! :-)

I have always said that dressing up boys is SO MUCH EASIER than dressing up girls.  I applaud all Mummies of girlie daughters.  The stress of matching hair pieces to shoes to underwear (I know, right?) is foreign to me.  With boys, the only real essentials are a GOOD pair of jeans and a GOOD pair of shoes.  If you have these, the rest will fall into place.
So, to dress my son, all I had to decide was which shirt.  He happened to have a soft denim long-sleeved shirt. Smart enough to grace any occasion.  All it needed to 'wedding' it up was a tie.  I decided a bow tie would stand out more.  Not so many people wear them these days in the functions I go to.

Now I realise I could have just BOUGHT a bow tie... But where's the fun and challenge in that?  I decided to crochet one and it didn't even take me long.  Some black DK wool and a 4mm hook was all I needed.  Oh yes, and a little
 button to fasten it at the back.

Here's the pattern I used for Little Man's bow tie. (The black one in the pics below).

That wasn't the end of it, though.  I now have a standing order from my brother to crochet 'eccentric bow ties'.  I decided to make one with variegated yarn, for starters... That's all the eccentricity I could muster!

For my brother's, I decided to wing it and see what I ended up with.  He's thrilled, so I'm glad I made notes as I crocheted!  :-)

As it turns out, the pattern is VERY similar to the one in the link.  I decided to work 60 rows of 12 DCs, thus working width-wise, instead of length-wise.  I found the bow set better when working width-wise.

He was pleased with the shades of blue and has now requested a matching 'kerchief!  What have I got myself into?

What's the most  ECCENTRIC thing you've created?  I'd love to hear about it!
Till next time :-)

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