Saturday, 19 April 2014

Must Have: Fat Bag that Fits Everything

Just like the 'Little Black Dress' and the 'Favourite Black Pants', every girl needs a Fat Bag!  You know what I'm talking about... the bag that:
- Goes with most outfits
- Can be dressed up or down
- Fits everything a girl needs and more!

Well, this is my version of such a bag :-)

I got the pattern by altering/combining 3 Pierrot Yarn designs.  The original designs are available for free here, here and here from Ravelry.

I had a lot of fun crocheting this bag.  The colours were chosen to match a headscarf my sister gifted me.  The pattern is very simple and can be adjusted to make many different designs.

Fat Bag Pattern

I used DK yarn in (Black, Charcoal and Chocolate) and a 4mm crochet hook.
The following stitches are used:
- tr (US dc)
- dc (US sc)
- slip stitch

Following the diagram may make it easier to visualise the pattern...

Stage ONE:
With 2 strands of yarn worked together, prepare a Classic Granny Square in tr that measures +-56cm.  You can change colour (or not, as desired).
Variation:  Instead of a Granny Square, you could prepare the square in stripes, chevron, ripples, crocodile stitch, ANYTHING! as long as the piece is square, measuring +-56cm.  I'd like to try one using a Counterfeit Logo design from The Counterfeit Crochet Project.

Stage TWO:
This is basically 8 rows of dc worked in single yarn around the entire square.  To get the corners nice and pointy, work 3 dc into each corner.

Stage THREE:
This is 8 rows of dc worked on two opposite sides of the square and extending into the handles on the other two sides.
Row 1:  Dc along one side of bag, ch65, dc into opposite corner and down the opposite side, ch65 and slst into starting dc on initial corner.
Rows 2:  Dc into each dc of previous round, dc into each ch
Rows 3-8:  Dc into each dc of previous round.

Lining the bag ensures it doesn't stretch out of proportion and can be filled to the brim.  For this particular bag, I admit, I played no part in the lining.  Credit, instead, should go to my dear mother who loves sewing so much that she teaches it!  :-)


Is it just me, or do other ladies out there have a favourite handbag?  I'd love to hear about yours, and it would be fun to see pics as well... even if it isn't crochet! :-)  Please do comment and let me know!


Till next time... Stay peaceful!

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